Mihingo Lodge

After gorilla trekking, we spent one more night at our lodge in Bwindi, then got up at 7am and headed out for Lake Mburo – the final national park of our safari.

Roadtrip highlights include:

Seeing the Spaniards from our gorilla trekking group along the way – we waved at them as we passed them, then they waved at us as they passed us – and on the leapfrog game went.

We had been told that Lake Mburo is the land of hoofed animals.  We were so excited to see zebra, and perhaps envisioned our van barely able to drive because of the great number of herds of zebra we were surrounded by.  This was not quite the case, but we did see some hoofed animals on our game drive in to our lodge.

We saw zebra, monkeys, impala, topi, and many other antelope type animals on our drive.

Eventually we arrived at our lodge.  A really great girl who’s name I’m forgetting (after 5 months, who can really fault me for that) met us at the van and showed us to our room.  This was a really unique lodge.  It’s layout was up a hill and at the bottom of the hill was a watering hole that you had a great view of regardless of where your room was.  At the top of the hill was the main room of the lodge, which was open air with a thatch roof.  There was a fancy swimming pool and of course we were greeted with fresh juice and warm washclothes.

Our lodge-lady told us that we were staying in Buffalo Tent.  Yes, our rooms were like tents, but in a permanent structure sort of way.  We were at the very bottom of the hill.  The lodge-lady wished us luck on our journey back up, saying that previous guests had likened it to the Inca Trail.  The prize is that we were closest to the watering hole.  AND we had the best water pressure for our shower.  So there is that.

We were also told that we should not keep any food in our tent, as the naughty monkeys would find a way to break in and find it – even if it was at the bottom of our suitcase.  We also needed to lock the tent because the monkeys had figured out how to open it.

We arrived at Mihingo Lodge in the early afternoon, and spent the afternoon sitting on our deck, watching the watering hole and reading.

We saw warthogs, impala, topi, waterbuck, and water buffalo (and more) during our afternoon of leisure.  We got a lot of great use of dad’s binoculars.

That evening we hiked up to the lodge for a delicious dinner.  In my journal, this is the last day I wrote about, and my last line of my Africa journal is, “I had so many vegetables!  It made me really happy.”

Next up: our “nature walk” at Lake Mburo – don’t worry, this one actually involved nature, not people groups.  Not to spoil the ending, but I’m really excited to share my zebra pictures with you!