If I wrote a Christmas letter…

I don’t send out a Christmas letter, but sometimes people ask me to, hoping that it would be one of the more entertaining ones they receive during this season of merriment.  I think if I were to write a Christmas letter, I would struggle with whether to be serious or ridiculous.  Then I would walk away, not knowing what to do.

I am a P in my myers briggs, so that means there is a good chance you would receive said Christmas letter post-Christmas, kind of like this blog post.

I think that this year I would format it in the form of 2012 highlights.  Perhaps a top ten list of sorts, but not actually in any sort of ascending or descending order, as that would take too much thought and preparation.  Also perhaps not ten things, because that would also require too much thought and preparation.  So just a list of things.

The Best of 2012

my best decision:

Without a doubt, agreeing to take a student teacher at the last minute.  If we looked more alike perhaps Charlotte could pass for my little sister.  K PJ Day

my best risk:


IMG_1116 copy_edited-1

my best forgotten accomplishment:

I finished grad school and got my master’s!  Good job, self. IMG_0112

my best olympics moment:

Seeing the Tower Bridge with its rings.  Thanks, layover! 08 05 12_7311 copy

my best cupcake:

The banana split cupcake.  Yum. IMG_9541

my best moment of being totally overwhelmed:

The generosity of my friends and family as they supported me in going to Uganda.  I still can’t express how thankful I am. postcard back

my best roommate pic taken in a parking lot:


my best broken heart:

Saying goodbye to these twelve beauties. ram gate laughing b&w_edited-1

my best birthday party:

Turns out I only had one birthday in 2012, but Amber and I had a pretty great Twins party – watching the 1991 World Series also turns out to be one of the only times I saw the Twins win this year. IMG_9683-Edit

my best animal:

Elephants.  Who knew how much I would love them? IMG_1999 copy

my second best animal:

A triple tie with lions, gorillas, and zebras.  (Yes, I realize zebras are the only ones pictured here.  That’s because I’ve shown you a lot of pictures of lions and gorillas.  Perhaps someday I will finish telling you about my safari and show you more zebra pictures.  New Year’s Resolution??)IMG_2874 copy2

my best adventure:

Gorilla trekking.  IMG_2148

my best coworker: 

Our kindergarten team this year is really really great.  I love them all so much.  But working with this girl in my classroom each day is the absolute best.  #livingthedream 155359_10100263140571619_252305089_n

my best new discovery: 

FroYo. *disclaimer, I think that I met my new friend FroYo prior to the beginning of 2012, but I think this is the year I strived to make it a part of my daily life.IMG_0114

my best new addiction:

Young Adult Dystopian books

my best new tradition:

Giant balloons. photo (4)

my best target field moment:

The first time I saw the Race to Target Field was a real live thing this year – no longer just on the big screen. IMG_0004

Thanks for being a part of my 2012.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

you warm my hearta

love, Laura

2 thoughts on “If I wrote a Christmas letter…

    • I know – a real birthday gnome! Turns out Rachel was shopping with me for a balloon and this is what we got. If I had met the birthday gnome prior to October 1, I definitely would have gotten it for her. :). Let’s hang out sometime! I miss seeing you

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