Winter Break Bliss

The first few days of winter break are about two things for me:

1. Rest.

2. Maximizing the Christmas in my life.

I think that so far I’m doing pretty well. Here is how I have spent my time in the 27 hours since my winter break started…

I mailed a Christmas package. And I only had to wait like 5 minutes at the post office! A true Christmas miracle.

I went to Rusty Taco for dinner with my roommate. It isn’t really Christmassy, but it is amazing. It is possible that we have been twice in the past 10 days.  I would go again tomorrow if I had someone to go with.  Yum.

I went to the mall and visited the Madewell store for the first time. It was as delightful as I’d dreamed it would be.

While at the mall, we stumbled across a delightful little Christmas concert by a brass ensemble.20121221-193823.jpg

We sat down with the elderly and the babies and were filled with Christmas joy. Our favorite parts was this baby in a cart. Because why wouldn’t you love a baby in a cart?20121221-193857.jpg

And when the sweet lady playing french horn shouts across the mall, “Scott! Come quick! We need you” and their friend Scott rides to escalator down and is coerced into playing the jingle bells for the next song. She assured him that the music would just come to him…20121221-194427.jpg

After that, we visited the most beautiful Christmas tree. (Well, this is not counting the tree at Rockefeller Center, as they are in two different genres of Christmas trees).20121221-193917.jpg

But seriously – how amazing is this? I love it so much.20121221-193937.jpg

We chatted for a bit with the man who lives there – he is really sweet and gave us the award of best tree fans of the night – pretty much no one else had been willing to brave the cold (and tresspassing??) to go get a close up look at the tree. (And by the way, if you go visit the tree, you are welcome to walk down their driveway – he loves visitors and seeing how much joy their tree brings to people).

Then I was sleeping by 9:30 pm.

Today I got up for the furnace man’s arrival and drank some of Caribou’s reindeer blend coffee.

I may have been forced to have Christmas cookies for breakfast, as my milk was expired. Desperate times and all that…

I wrapped presents.20121221-193949.jpg

I made Christmas ornaments.20121221-194004.jpg

I finished a Christmas puzzle.20121221-194033.jpg

And I watched a stellar Christmas movie on Netflix.20121221-194018.jpg

I think this winter break is off to a great start! Now I am going to sit by the Christmas tree and drink some tea with my slippers, a blanket, and a good book.

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