Of Monsters and Men Concert in Review

Last night I went with some friends to the sold out Of Monsters and Men show.  I was assuming you’d want to know some highlights.

First of all, the weather was “beautiful” for December and we were able to successfully leave our coats in the car without turning into icicles on the walk from the parking ramp to First Ave.

Secondly, Kari found us awesome spots to stand!  We had a great view and were removed from the crowdes.   So awesome that (a) my student teacher’s parents stood behind us and (b) another girl really wanted to stand with us.  She tried to dance me out of my spot, but I held strong.  Whether she was bumping into my arm on repeat, crouching down low and nearly nuzzling her head on my shoulder while flailing her arms out in front of her, or melodramatically basically hugging this pillar that was in her way to peek around it to see the show.  I mostly wanted to tell her that perhaps she shouldn’t have chosen to stand behind the cement pillar and then she wouldn’t be having these issues.

Another highlight is when the band said they wanted our help singing a particular song.  None of the words seemed familiar.  I thought perhaps I just had misunderstood their icelandic accents on the song, but I soon figured out that of course the sing-a-long is to the one song that my iTunes refuses to play for me.  I definitely recognized the first 10 seconds that my CD plays before just stopping.  Then the next 4 minutes seemed like a brand new song.  I am choosing to think that they wanted to take time to teach me this song, rather than feel like a lame fan who doesn’t actually know the music of the band she went to see in concert.  Oh irony that this would be the song they encouraged crowd participation…

It was a super fun night – Of Monsters and Men is adorable and they put on a good show.

Plus, Old-Lady-Work-Night-Win: we were all home by 10pm.  That is the silver lining of seeing a band that only has one album out.  The sad part is it is over all too soon…


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