Schoolhouse Rock vol. 49

Today after a “stealing incident” I had several students come up to me and assure me that THEY would never steal from me.  But my favorite moment was when one little girl said to me, “Miss K, I would never steal from you.  Because in REAL life – like not in school – if you steal you might go to juvie!”  which led the other children to discuss how they don’t want to go to juvie as they were in line for the bathroom.

This same student announced to me while she was reading,

“Christmas is my favorite time of year.”  

I said, “I love Christmas a lot too.  What do you love about Christmas?”


“Getting presents is fun, but I really like giving presents too.  Do you like giving presents?”

“Yeah, sometimes I think about ‘What would Santa want for Christmas?'”

I also had a student scope out the room to find the best spot for a class Christmas tree.  I wish that would be even a little bit okay.