Need a Christmas Tree?


Do you need a Christmas tree??

Don’t be like my sister who bought a fake one and then realized she had no way to get it home and had to break it into little pieces in a parking ramp and put it in her trunk… (ok, this was actually super hilarious. Shopping trip highlight).

Instead, you should get a real tree, and consider supporting my cousin Eric who works for Timber Bay Ministries, making a difference in the lives of youth in Minnetonka.

*Rachel would tell you to support Eric. She only is not buying a tree from him because she is supporting Safety, by not buying a real tree that she may or may not be home to properly care for. If that is your situation, you can be like us and buy a pretty wreath instead!

4 thoughts on “Need a Christmas Tree?

    • isn’t it awesome? i’m actually not sure – i took it from their facebook page for this post. but if i were to venture a guess, i would say perhaps my cousin’s wife Kaia – she is a talented graphic designer

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