Schoolhouse Rock vol. 46: election edition

Our fifth grade hosted a great mock election today for the kids at my school to go and vote.  But this meant that we’d better talk about what voting is, what the president does, and who the candidates would be on the ballot.

I talked to the kids in my group for centers in place of a guided reading lesson (which was a bit of a bummer since I was hoping for a repeat of yesterday’s kid that read his entire book in a British accent).

I started out showing them a picture of the White House and asked: Do you know what this building is?

  • The light house!
  • It is so beautiful and big!
  • It looks like an apartment.
  • It is the United States of America.  There are 10 bedrooms there.
  • I saw that building in Ohio!
  • I saw it at my grandma’s.
  • I saw it in Africa.
  • My mom doesn’t even know what that is.
  • That’s called the White House?  My house is called the Green House!

Who lives in the White House?

  • Orock Obama
  • Robama
  • Obama lives there!  He is the Pressiman.

What do you think is in the White House?

  • Money
  • Tables
  • The president, of course!

What does it mean to vote?

  • It means to go on vacation.  (I wish!)

Do you live in the United States?

  • No.
  • No.
  • No.
  • Yes.
  • No.
  • No.  I live in a house.

Friends, we all live in the United States of America

  • We do????

What does the president do?

  • Protects the house
  • Eats food
  • The president had computers to do somethings
  • If a bad guy comes here, the president click the thingy and say to the kids, “Go sit down and be safe.” (apparently the president has a national intercom system for lockdown drills…)
  • He helps people.  Keeping dogs and kittens safe.
  • He teaches people about letters and words and how letters make sounds
  • Presidents clean stuff.
  • Presidents go to sleep.
  • Presidents are rich.
  • You can be king of the world.  The king is the guy with a crown.  He rules the world.
  • Presidents run for Student Body President.

What does the president talk to people about?

  • Presidents speak to people about bad things.  Like people getting dead.
  • Presidents go out to people and talk to them about stuff.  They talk about spirits.
  • He talks to people about things that are happening in Minnesota
  • He talks to people about furniture.  And people who work and play together.
  • I think he talks to people about being more better.  And how to take care of their little kids.
  • I see the flag!  I know the speech to that flag!  (I asked her to say it).  Silence…

On the topic of filling out a ballot and only voting for ONE person and getting to vote for who you want to vote for, not who someone else tells you to vote for:

  • You can’t force someone to do what you want.  That’s called forcing.
  • President Obama is the best because he helps people learn.  President Obama is black and he likes people.  He’s always been our president.  And George Washington. He’s the goodest person.  He says good things.
  • I’m gonna vote for Mitt Romney because he’s the nicest.  He’s got a nice shirt, and nice hair.  And because he’s never been president

And in conclusion: The White House is of course near Mount Rushmore, so that the president can be close to all four of our other Presidents.

And kids, remember that if you are having an election party, be sure to hang out patriotic mistletoe and say the pledge if you happen to stand under it at the same time as someone else… 

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