Schoolhouse Rock vol. 44

Sometimes, even if you have been teaching for 8 years, you just make rookie mistakes.

Rookie Mistake #1 – not thinking through the answer before asking the question.

Today I thought I would be a good teacher and take advantage of the few minutes between using the bathroom/washing hands and heading down to the lunch room to practice some rhyming. (You know, rather that ignoring the children and let them go wild for 3-5 minutes, like I usually do).

So I looked around the room for some inspiration and said, “I’m thinking of a word that rhymes with…. door.”

Answer #1: Whore!

I didn’t want to repeat it so I just said, “Nope, that rhymes, but it isn’t my word.”

The next three children who answered also suggested “Whore!” As if it was a brand new idea. (really kids???) Finally I had to break down and loudly say, “My word is not whore. Please stop guessing that word.”

Lesson learned:

Don’t try to sneak in learning opportunities. Just let the kids sit and socialize…

but on the bright side, they are learning to rhyme! Yay!


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