African Road Trip #2

Our safari went something like: spend a day on the road, spend a day with the animals, and the pattern continued. On the map, it looked like a short drive from Queen Elizabeth the Bwindi. While the distance may not have been long, the mountainous terrain, loose dirt roads, and the bridges under construction made our travel time take up most of the day.

We kept ourselves busy watching for nature. Such as baboons!

Mid-day we stopped for a squatty-potty break and were delighted to find this sign to document our time in Queen Elizabeth.

Katara Lodge packed us a lunch, and we stopped in a town at what we thought was a restaurant. Except it seemed to be a restaurant where you brought your own food? Oh Africa. I do miss you πŸ™‚

As you can see, between Joseph and Katara, we were well hydrated. This was our favorite beverage… or at least our favorite beverage label:

Before we headed back out on the road, Joseph showed us a wooden bicycle – like what he grew up riding!

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