Schoolhouse Rock vol. 42

Yesterday was Community Helper Day at kindergarten.  We’ve been doing this for a long time, and we’ve had some really great people come in over the years – but I think we all agreed that this year’s presenters were collectively the best we’ve ever had.  Everyone did such a great job of talking to the kids and they all had really cool things to say about their jobs.

The kindergartners also had some HILARIOUS things to say to them.  I don’t think I’ve laughed (silently in the back) this hard in a really long time.

Here are some snapshots of the epic-ness of our morning:

While visiting the firefighter:

“I wanna be a fire drill!!”

“My mom won’t buy me [a fire evacuation plan]!”

While visiting the financial planner:

Q: What if you can’t afford a new bike?

A: “Go to the Dollar Tree!”

While visiting the Chef:

Q: “If I need to cook for more people, what do I need?”

A: “More Moms!”

Actual Answer: A bigger pot.

While visiting the musician:

Pretty much anytime he touched his guitar, the kids exclaimed in awe, “DANG!”

After visiting the window washer:

Me: Boys and girls, did you know that he is my cousin??

Student 1: He is your brother!?

Student 2: He is your dad?!

While visiting the medical clinic worker

Presenter: I went to Haiti, a country near Florida.

Student 1 leans over to Student 2: She went to Katie!?!?!

While visiting the architect (who did building projects in Uganda):

Presenter: Does anyone know what an orphan is?

Student 1: A house!

Student 2: (with great confidence) I know!  An orphan is an animal that can swim in the water.

Actual Answer: An orphan is a child that might not have a mom and dad to take care of them.

Student 3: My mom told me I am going to Africa tomorrow.

Presenter: Ok, well have fun.  Tell my friends I say hi.

And perhaps the most important thing we learned today is from the city worker: snow plows can kill.  So let’s stay safe this winter, kids.

2 thoughts on “Schoolhouse Rock vol. 42

  1. Seriously…that is too much. I love kindergartners. A couple of my friends have students that are kindergartners in my school and hearing them whisper about my like I’m a celeb they know personally is hysterical. “Did you know that Ms.Lohse has green pants? I know this because she came on our holiday.”

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