Schoolhouse Rock vol. 41

This week was pretty great.
Well, by that I mean this week was really long, but ended well.

On Thursday, the fire department came to teach our kiddos about fire safety.  After they gave their presentation, we took the kids out to the fire truck and they all get to spray the fire hose.  Naturally it is a life highlight for the kids.  The life highlight for us is that the firefighters brought us kindergarten teachers Caribou!  They took our drink orders and set off in their rig to get us some delicious caffeine.  It was the best ever.

On Friday, we made sandwiches for homeless people in Minneapolis.  We go through an organization called 363 Days which has the premise that a lot of organizations work to provide meals for the homeless on Thanksgiving and Christmas, but what about the other 363 days of the year?  Let’s make sandwiches to provide meals every day.  We had some awesome volunteers come in and help the class count out two pieces of bread, two pieces of meat, one piece of cheese and put it in a bag.  The kids all wear plastic gloves that are too big for them, and I have some awesome pictures of them with their giant gloves trying to wrangle their sandwiches into a baggie.   I love this service project because the kids are actually doing something to help those in need.  Most of the kids were super excited to help the community.  There is the one kid though, who still at dismissal time was asking, “Can we eat our sandwiches now??”

Another special moment on Friday is when I was a little frustrated with my class and something about the way they were lining up, I don’t really remember much besides being slightly annoyed and putting out my hand in front of me to show them where they were supposed to be standing.  One child saw my outstretched hand and must have thought, “Oh, clearly she is looking for a high five.  I will give her one.”  Hilarious.

In other news, we want to learn to read in kindergarten, but I don’t actually have books in my classroom library that are at the reading level my kids need.  So I created a project on Donors Choose to buy books for my classroom at levels A, B, and C.  The cool thing is that between now and October 21, if you donate to my project and put the matching code INSPIRE in at check out, the Donors Choose Board of Directors will match the donation.

Here is a link if you want to check it out

Laura’s Donors Choose Page

And let’s end by talking about how at Sunday School this morning I was trying to prevent a minor lego catastrophe and in the end succeeded in knocking a pitcher of water over and soaking a small child.

Teacher Fail.


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