Good News!

Good News, folks!

There are times in life when people move away from us.  And that can be really sad.

But don’t despair!

I was doing a little bit of leisurely reading the other evening, and I came across this advertisement in Life Magazine circa 1957.

The good news is that we can now use the telephone to stay in touch with our loved ones.

Look at these two cute little girls.  Are they sad that their friendship is over because little Suzy’s dad got a job in Chicago and she will be moving away from her Bestie Edith in Suburbia, Missouri?  No!  They are not.  They know that they can remain friends.  Yes, because of the telephone. 

In case you can’t read the fine print of the article portion of the ad, it says, “Share the fun of friendship – even when close friends move to another city.  For the telephone can keep you in touch.  Regular visits by telephone let you talk things over, tell them what you’re doing, find how they are, make plans for getting together in person.  So keep in touch… regularly.  It’s quick and easy to do.  And the cost is small.”

Who knew, right??

Fast forward to 2012.  If you are looking for fun new features on your new iPhone 5, you need a break from Angry Birds (or whatever it is the cool kids are playing these days) or you are tired of harrassing hanging out with Siri, try using your phone to make a phone call.  Because I learned that you too can share the fun of friendship… even when your friends are far away.

p.s.  Friend (you know who you are), this does not mean I am giving you my blessing to move away 😉