Safari-ing: Kazinga Channel Boat Ride

After a quick and delicious lunch back at Katara Lodge, we headed out for a magical boat ride along the Kazinga Channel. 

The Kazinga Channel is in Queen Elizabeth National Park and connects Lake George and Lake Edward.  (Think Uganda has some British historical connections??) 

I shared some of the photos from our boat ride in my post about elephants and my post about the fishing villages.   But don’t worry.  We saw lots more animals for me to share with you in this post.

Joseph, our guide, gave us the insider scoop to sit on the left side of the boat, as we would have the best view of the animals on shore.  SO glad we followed his advice.  Originally we sat in front of our friends from Katara Lodge, but from shore we saw Joseph emphatically motioning for us to sit further up in the boat.  It was the right choice – not only was there nobody blocking our photos, but we had good people watching.  There was a group of heavily tattooed Germans sitting across the aisle from us, and we also enjoyed watching a couple roll up on their BMW motorcycle.  My guess is that they are fancy spies escaped from an episode of Chuck.  Sorry if I just blew your cover, guys.

Hundreds of types of birds live in the Kazinga Channel.  Some of my favorites include the Fish Eagle (it looks like a bald eagle, but don’t be fooled!) 

And these awesome birds.  They all sat facing the same direction and you could see their throats shaking.  We didn’t really understand what was happening – it seemed like a nature miracle to us!  The boat man explained further.  Apparently these birds do their thing, living life, and then they get really hot (probably because they are in Africa).  So they fly to a point on shore and sit facing into  the direction of the wind.  They do their weird neck-shaky thing to cool off.  The moral of the story is that they are super fun to watch.

We also saw tons of hippos.  It is super creepy the way emerge and submerge in a  “now you see it, now you don’t” kind of fashion.  I do like that you can see their hairs in these photos.  So that is fun.  And kinda gross. 

We said hello to a few Nile Crocodiles as we chugged along past them. 

Water buffalo were pretty fun.  And we saw a lot of them.  The shoreline was usually a blob of water buffalo, hippos, and birds. 

We learned a lot that I am not sharing here because I don’t remember it all, and we had a great view of the animals.  Boating success.