Schoolhouse Rock vol. 39

Here a are a couple of  ways to not make your teacher smile…

  • Pee all over the floor in hopes that your teacher will slip in it and nearly fall in it (ok, maybe that wasn’t their plan, but it worked)
  • Interrupt the student teacher’s lecture on being better listeners to ask, “Are you a little girl?”  (ok, this did make me smile, but not in front of the kids)

Here are a few things you can do to make your teacher smile…

  • Ask the student teacher for her number.
  • Write your name successfully for the first time (yes!)
  • Tell your teacher that you don’t want to change your card (for bad behavior) because your life will turn into a storm cloud.
  • Answer your teacher’s questions perfectly as if you are a plant in the audience.
  • Blow your teacher kisses whenever she is teaching.  Or when you want something and she is thinking about her answer.  Blowing a kiss usually guarantees she will cave and say yes.




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