Pitter Patter. Roar.

Every now and then, something happens in life that just takes your breath away.

Seeing lions in Uganda was exactly that.

We had just driven out the fishing village, and we slowed by another safari vehicle and our drivers chatted to get the lowdown on where the cool animals were.

We then went on our merry way.

Soon we pulled up behind another van.  And looked out our windows and saw this:

Obed said, “There are lions!  Climb up on the roof.”

So we did.

We stared out into the grassy field, trying to figure out where exactly these supposed lions were.

Then we saw it.

The swish of a tail.

We caught out breath and stared endlessly at that patch of tall grass.  Waiting.  And waiting.

At one point during our staring match with the lazy unseen lions, another car pulled up behind us.  A family piled out, and Joseph, our guide, quietly called over to them, “Get your kids back in the car!  There are lions close by!”  The mom looked around nervously, with a bit of confusion seeing as there were no animals anywhere in sight.  But she did herd her children back to safety.

We snickered at the over-dramatization of the situation.

Then went on with the staring.

But the wait was worth it.  We went on with the staring and we soon saw a female lioness rise out of the dry field.

It was a moment that truly took my breath away.

Our hearts were so happy.  It was seriously like the coolest thing ever.

And then it got better.  The male lion, who we had no idea was even there, began to stand up.


They were so majestic.  And powerful.  And big.

The zoo didn’t really ever convey to me just how amazing lions are.

I suppose I should have paid better attention to The Lion King (who are we kidding, I used to sing along to the soundtrack in my room with a small microphone and pretend I was starring in the show)

This long walk was a little taxing on Mr. Lion.  Soon he sat down to take a little rest…

Mrs. Lion continued on meandering through the grassland alone.

We chanted his name (quietly in our hearts so as not to scare away the wildlife), and soon Mr. Lion found a second wind.  Yes!

We were sad to see that our lion friend had so many wounds.

I like to think he is roaring.  But let’s be honest.  He is yawning.  Being a lion is hard work.

The lions were only up out of the grass for a few minutes, but it was an incredible few minutes.  They really did take my breath away.  Even typing about them now puts a smile on my face and my heart go pitter patter.

Love, love, love.



6 thoughts on “Pitter Patter. Roar.

  1. This takes me back the safari when a couple people in our group decided to approach some hippos. My palms are starting to sweat just thinking about it.

    Your photos look great. I always imagined that if I was an animal, I might be a lion. Or I just wanted to be Simba. Either way.

    • oh yikes – hippos are so terrifying. i was on edge when we walked up to where they were sleeping in the fishing village…. but at least they were under water. i could see you being a lion!

  2. Laura, this is so selfish of me to say, but every time I see any of your snaps from Africa, I say a little prayer of thanks for this wonderful gift you have with a camera – sharing in all of the sights and stories has been truly special.

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