Schoolhouse Rock vol. 38

Oh friends, so much has happened, but I forgot to write it all down.  I will try and remember a few of the highlights for you…

There is the kiddo that called someone else a crybaby.  Then got in trouble for it.  Then laid on the floor for five minutes crying and rolling around.  I love a little bit of irony in my day.

Remember the little girl who was trying to lure me to her home for a sleepover with promises of cupcakes and a guest bedroom?  Well, she is trying to sweeten the deal… “Miss K, I exercise at home!  It is called Zuma.  I mean, Zumba”  “Ooh, tell me about that.”  “Well, we do dance moves and exercise.”  “Can I see some of your dance moves?”  “Mmmm… I’m not sure you can dance at school – even outside.  I will show you when you come to my house.”

Best conversation I’ve overhead:

(Thanks Jill for reminding me of this…)

Research teacher: “Thank you class.  You were good today.”

My student: “I was good?”

Research teacher: “well… (pause) Overall the class was good.”

And let’s not forget to mention school picture day.

Several kids looked like they stepped right out of 1993.  It was brilliant.  I was instructed to make sure one little girl got her lipgloss on before her school pictures because she has chapped lips.  The past two nights I have been at Twins games and suffered from chapped lips and wished I could borrow some of said lip gloss.

But the best part of picture day is when one little boy was told, “Put your hands at your sides and smile!”  and he struck THIS pose (with double finger guns)…

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2 thoughts on “Schoolhouse Rock vol. 38

  1. Hehe, we had class photos taken today but only one of the pupils was brave/foolish enough to chance the tradtional ‘bunny ears’ move while in the principal’s line of vision… it was a struggle not to giggle as she gave out to him 🙂

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