Schoolhouse Rock vol. 37

Week Two: successfully completed.  How do I know it was successful?

Let me offer you a few bits of evidence.

Evidence #1:

The child who thought that kindergarten was LAME-O in week one is now asking me for blackline masters so he can make his own version of my sweet games at home.  That’s right, kid.  You love school.

Evidence #2:

Student 1: Miss K, you should come over to my house.

Me: What would we do?

Student 1: Well, we have cupcakes!

[ten minutes later]

Student 1: Miss K, I’m gonna invite you over for a sleepover!  We have a guest bedroom.  It can be for adults or children.

Student 2: You are having a sleepover?  Who is coming?

Student 1: Miss K.

Student 2: I want to come!

Student 1: Ok, I can probably invite you too.

And here is an unrelated third story.

During rest time, a child repeatedly asks to get a drink of water.  He had JUST gotten a drink 20 seconds prior, so we denied his request.  He then crawls across the floor, approaches my student teacher, and says pitifully, “Miss H, sometimes people need water to live!”


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