Schoolhouse Rock vol. 35

You probably could use some visual context for kindergarten stories, so let’s go on a little classroom tour!

The view when you walk in the door

where students check in each morning, I hand out breakfast (because yes we have the privilege of eating in our room) and on the way to specials I double check that I am taking the kids to the right class

Our book boxes and our “go for the green” behavior cards. I will be using the purple bulletin board/white board space to post current literacy learnings – focus letters, sight words, word families, reading strategies, etc. And the cute little twinkle light ribbon garland above it is a non-educational related pinterest project. But they love it and I do too 🙂

Where I sit and teach from or where I sit and rock myself to sleep after the kids go home. You decide. (And notice the cute donated clock/ipod dock – and the cute little ipod nano that is not pictured. They were donated to my classroom when my CD player broke over the summer. Thanks mom and dad! You guys are so awesome!)

You might see a blank calendar and an alphabet poster that a lazy teacher hasn’t stapled up yet. I see the beginnings of a morning meeting area. I like to add the different elements to this area once I introduce them to the kids

All our toys (and a lot of learning materials secretly interspersed with the toys) go on the shelf under the window. I like for the kids to have a clear idea of what they can use during choice time, or “Active Learning” time as I recently heard someone refer to it and definitely plan to start using that myself. I also like that they toys are all located as far away from my desk as possible 😉 The green shelf that the stuffed animals are sitting on are actually soft crates that hold the picture books I will change out in for our book area throughout the year. The bulletin board is where we will put a “snapshot” of what we learned throughout the year so that we can visually reference it and remember without have bulletin boards up for every unit of inquiry that we do

This will be our writing/art center as the year goes on. Random writing materials are in the wooden shelf and the table my dad and I built also includes awesome storage underneath.

The view of from the student tables toward the doors. You can see our book area that eventually will have lots of leveled readers for kids to find a “just right” book to read. But for now i don’t actually have such books. So the dream lives on…

And the most important part of my room: the coffee corner. this is a teachers only corner. 😉 it is complete with coordinating coffee mugs (dorthee, I still have yours, so you’d better come back and visit) and three bins of deliciousness – turquoise has tea (it is fortunate that charlotte, jill, and i all love the same kind of tea) hot chocolate etc, the middle has decaf (for you jill!) and the right has fully caffeinated coffee for those of us who need that caffeine to function each day.

This is by no means a complete tour – there are lots of things that I won’t set up until the kids are ready for them (or until I have time – cough cough the blank bulletin boards everywhere).  But for the most part, that is my classroom!

And I will add one moment of hilariousness from today.  We were taking a class bathroom break, and out of the blue one little darling at the sink looks up at me, and with shock and confusion and new revelation in his voice, he confirms, “Miss K, we don’t lick the soap?!?”  Um… what?


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