Safari-ing: Game Drive at Queen Elizabeth Park

We saw lots of crazy cool animals at Queen Elizabeth Park.  I am saving some of them to show you later – ones that I feel deserve their own post, but I wanted to share with you some pictures of lots of the animals we saw on our game drive.

First up will be awesome antelope type animals called Uganda Kob – they are actually on Uganda coat of arms, so people must love them.  They are pretty cool.  And I guess the area of Queen Elizabeth Park we drove through was actually their breeding grounds, so there were herds of Uganda kob EVERYWHERE.  We saw a baby kob nursing, which was neat, and we also saw a a herd of them break into a run, and if you look carefully into the background of the photo (I’ll tell you which one in the caption) you can see a family of lions in the background, which is clearly what set them off into their panicked run.

Other highlights included stepping out to look for the distant lions and landing in a giant mud pit and nearly falling entirely into it.

Waterbuck: a bigger and darker colored antelope type creature.  We saw them at a lot of parks throughout Uganda.  So I hope you like them, because you will be seeing more of them.

Warthogs – I was excited to see Pumba in person, but it turns out that we saw SO many more of them at Lake Mburo.

We took our safari van with the top popped up through the game drive.  Whenever we passed by any other vans, our driver and guide would chat with theirs to get the low-down on what other animals are around and where to find them.

Alright, and now for the animals:

Uganda Kob – first sighting!

kob running in the foreground, and a lion laying in the background. awesome.

Do you see the lion? Laying there? No? Ok, look at the tree. Look at the grass around the tree. Now look just to the left of the tall grass and you can see the lion laying in the background. He was too far away to see without binoculars. Or without a telephoto lens, and even then he was super tiny.

Ok, now do you see the lion? He is standing. And his wifey or one of his two cubs is to his right.

water buffalo

no… that’s not ice. that’s a salt lake

a herd of waterbuck


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