Schoolhouse Rock vol. 34

Welcome back to another school year, friends!

One week with kindergartners is down, and I feel like I could sleep for a year.  It has been an exhausting week, but I think this year is going to be a good one.  It is going to be tough, probably a smidge stressful, and very busy, but I’m excited for it.

Here are a few reason why:

  • My student teacher from last spring is with me again this fall to finish her student teaching, and she is awesome and we work so well together – she is a lifesaver as we tried to navigate the waters of Week One.
  • Thanks to an amazing grant, we are getting tons of professional development in the area of teaching literacy.  Even though it seems intimidating from this side of the journey, I’m thrilled to learn how to take what I do, and do it better.
  • I have always worked with great educational assistants (shout out to Molly, Shawn, and Dorth, who might be reading this – you girls are great too and I loved working with you!), but I have to say that this year I’m beyond excited to work with my newly hired EA.  She is awesome with the kids, is quick to help, and brings a lot of joy to our classroom.  And I’d have to say we make a pretty good team.  And she is on my list of favorite people.  Win.
  • My class is huge (I have approximately 1,000 students), but they are pretty awesome (read – they are cute and I have high hopes that we will mold them into an awesome class because right now it is closer to herding butterflies than teaching kids to read).  Even my “too cool for school” kid who sighed a big, “LAME-O” on the first day of school, seems to be kind of coming around.
  • Some of my students are actually pretty independent.  Perhaps a bit TOO independent, as I have lost one of them twice when he continually decides to just walk away and “go look for his locker” or “go find his sister”.  Fortunately for me people keep finding him and returning him to me.  Come dismissal time, I always end up with the right number of students.
  • I have some hilarious ones this year.  Which is a sigh of relief for all of you I am sure.  There is the kid who ran out of the bathroom in fear of the urinal (which I did not fully appreciate – wash your hands before grabbing onto me, kid!)  and the kid who introduces herself as “Ladybug” and has a lot to say.  All of which cracks me up.  She is pretty polite, including being quick to say, “Bless me!” after she sneezes.  And there is the kid who says, “I have a peanut allergy.  I can’t eat peanuts.  If I do, I have to go to the hospital.  And my mom REALLY doesn’t to have to take me there.  So I just shouldn’t eat peanuts”.  Or conversations like this, “You can choose if you want to continue to cry loudly in the hallway or rest quietly in the classroom.” “I want to cry in the hallway.”  “Ok then, let’s go sit out there so we aren’t disturbing our friends.”

At the end of Day One, when all I could think about was how I was so relieved we made it to the end of the day.  One student was not so thrilled.  On the way to the lockers to get our backpacks she sadly exclaimed, “But Miss K-!  Kindergarten is SOOO fun!”

Every year brings new adventures.  This one is shaping up to be no different.  Get excited kids – another year of kindergarten is underway.


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