Katara Lodge. aka the best lodging of my life

When my sister and I set out on safari with Rafiki Adventures, we had no idea what sort of accommodations we’d have along the way.  But after having spent the summer with Joseph and Sara, I trusted the Joseph to take good care of us.

Yet nothing could have prepared us for how truly amazing Katara Lodge was.  I think that it goes down in the books as the nicest place I’ve ever stayed, or perhaps will ever stay. 

Katara Lodge is in Queen Elizabeth National Park.  I think the guy who owns it is Dutch.

We were greeted upon our arrival with fresh watermelon juice.  It was absolutely delicious.  Like we were drinking a watermelon.  Which I guess makes sense if it was watermelon juice.  Next we were asked what time we would like to eat our dinner and what we would like for our main course of our four course meal for dinner.

The whole place is solar powered, so that’s pretty cool. 

After that we were shown to our room.  And by our room, I mean our private cabin/hut/luxury suite with a cute thatch roof.  It was awesome.  The sides of it were a canvas tent material.  The “walls” were rolled up during the day and while we ate our dinner each night, they zipped everything up, left us hot water for tea, and fur covered hot water heaters for our beds if it was chilly.  When I took a shower I couldn’t get over how much water and how much water pressure came out of the shower head.  This might have had to do with the fact that I was showering at an orphanage for the two months leading up to this epic shower experience.  Rachel didn’t seem quite as impressed as I was (although she also thought it was really nice).  There was a claw-foot bathtub, and a cute little deck.  The best part of the deck is that you could push the smaller bed out on to it and sleep under the stars.  Which was amazing.  And yes, we did this. 

Each night we took had dinner at a time of our choosing, and we had delicious four course dinners.  I think the highlight was the banoffee pie for dessert – banana, toffee, chocolate.  I did not know this was a thing.  But it is to die for.

They took such good care of us at Katara.  The service was beyond amazing.  And the lodge itself was completely beautiful.

If you are ever going to Queen Elizabeth, please be sure and do yourself a favor and stay at Katara Lodge.  You are welcome in advance.

Here is the full tour.  Be ready to be jealous.


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