We Love Our Sponsors

Sponsorship is what makes it possible for children to become a part of the family at the Rafiki children’s home. Each of the kids has multiple sponsors that help cover the cost of food, clothing, school fees, medical bills, etc.

Without sponsors faithfully contributing $35 a month to Rafiki Africa Ministries, these kids would still be living in a closet in their grandma’s house; walking a mile to get water multiple times a day; suffering from spinal tuberculosis; living on the street; raising their younger sibling; malnourished; hungry; without hope …

Right now there is an empty bed in the girls’ room at Rafiki, just waiting to be filled.  Waiting for sponsors to commit to helping one young girl in Uganda find new life.  Right now there is a little girl in Uganda who needs a home, who needs a family, who needs food, who needs clean water, who needs an education, who needs sponsors. 

The kids love their sponsors so much.

They are so thankful for them. 

We spent quite a bit of time this summer working on cards for our sponsors. 

But what really got to me was watching a couple of the girls receive a card in the mail from their sponsors.

It was a simple card with a cute letter about what the family had been doing this summer, a family photo, and some stickers.

But these cards meant the world to Esther and Fauziya.

They carried their cards around with them all day and showed it to anybody who would look at it.  They kept their cards in their beds and slept with them at night.  Following the example that we had set, they even shared their stickers with their friends if the other child would recite a Bible verse. 

For information on sponsoring a child at Rafiki Africa Ministries, contact the director, Sara Kiwanuka at sara@rafikiministries.org

The best part though was when I asked Fauziya, “Who is in that picture?”  and she responded without hesitation, “My Family.” 



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