A person that kept coming up during conversation was a lady named Sherry.  I didn’t know her last name, and still don’t, but I did eventually meet Sherry and she is so fantastic.  She has a ministry called Loving One by One.  Some of the things she does through her ministry is that she runs New Creation Children’s Home (where we taught at the beginning of the summer) and New Creation Centre (the school where we organized books and taught about cockroaches).  She also takes groups on short term mission trips to Uganda to do medical clinics.  In fact, Sara, the director of the Rafiki, and Allie, my surprise roommate, both first came to Uganda with Sherry’s teams.  That is actually how Sara, Allie, and Tricia (Africa Arise – Acholi Quarter ministry founder) all met each other.  Sherry is quite the spitfire – she has endless energy and she has the drive and the know-how to make things happen – which is quite an accomplishment in Africa 😉

Recently, Sherry purchased some land outside Kampala to relocate New Creation Home to – her vision is awesome and includes building multiple homes in the fashion of Watoto Children’s Villages, and having a school, dining hall, a guest house for volunteers, staff housing, etc. all on this gorgeous plot of land.  They dug a well and plan to open it to the community in the morning and the evening.  They not only want to be a blessing and a light in the lives of the orphans they care for, but also desire to be a blessing to the surrounding community.  

The day before Allie flew back to America, Sherry took us out there to see the land.  I guess that she had jokingly called it Graceland, because it is totally by God’s grace that they acquired it, but the Ugandans, having no associations between Graceland and Elvis, loved the name and it stuck.  

The land is at the top of the hill and the view is absolutely breathtaking.  It was so cool to walk around it, having Sherry paint a picture of what it will look like when construction is complete.  Many children from the community followed the van to the top of the hill and hung out with us while we looked around.  We took some time to pray over this land and the ministry, and then headed back to the city. 

Sherry normally drives the kids back to the entrance of the land, and it was starting to rain, so we all piled into the van for a hilarious ride.  I was in the backseat with 11 kids and there were more in the middle seats with Allie, Jessica, and Sherry.  We sang songs, such as the ever-popular, “Baby Jesus, Baby Jesus, I love you! I love you!  You are my Savior.  You are my Savior.  Everyday.  Everyday.”

It was such a fun day – I love hearing about how God is working in Uganda!

Click here to learn more about Loving One by One.


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