Don’t Drink the Water

One fun thing about this summer (on my list of 5,379 things – I think that this is officially #2,118 on the list) was the opportunity to teach the kids at the orphanage so many new things.

For example, they didn’t have any books prior to this summer.  But really – books aren’t very prevalent in Uganda.  So we had to teach them how to take care of books, how to read a book, and the most important rule so our books didn’t get destroyed was, “Don’t go in the book cabinet without an auntie or an uncle!”

We also got to teach them to use fun art supplies! 

When my sister came at the end of the summer, she had a lot of donations from family and friends back in Minnesota who had been following my blog, wanted to do something to help orphans in Africa, or hadn’t been able to support me prior to my trip.  It was SUCH a blessing – so if you donated items or money for Rachel to bring toys, games, clothes, a CD player, CDs, books, and craft supplies, thank you SO much.  Everyone was super excited.  It was like Christmas.

One request I had sent home was for paint.  So Rachel brought watercolors, fingerpaint, and tempera paint. 

Which meant that I had to tap into my kindergarten teacher knowledge reserves and give some in-depth painting tutorials. 

The kids loved painting so so much.  I have never seen children take such time and care in creating a watercolor masterpiece.  The only thing I forgot was the direction, “Don’t drink the water”.  At one point I looked over and Don was taking a hearty sip of very too-blue-water.  Oops!  But the chagrined look on his face was so worth it.  Hilarious.  


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