What did you eat?

Since coming home, lots of people have asked me, “What kind of food did you eat in Uganda?”

Well folks, let me tell you!

My favorite things to eat were fresh fruit and chappati (but not together, because that would be weird).

Each afternoon for the kids would have a snack – either fruit or popcorn.  (Don’t get me started on the popcorn – it was DELICIOUS).  And the fruit we had includes watermelon, pineapple, bananas, and mango.  And it all tasted amazing.  I’ve never had a good mango in Minnesota.  Probably because Mango feels so sad if it is shipped all the way from its home to Minneapolis.  But in Uganda it was heavenly.

Chappati is made of some sort of flour and some other ingredients such as egg(?), milk (?), carrots(?), onions(?), and maybe other things.  There is really no way to know.  After the dough is made, you form it into balls and roll it flat.  Then you fry it on the stove.  YUM!

I also really enjoyed African tea.  It is a milk based tea (similar to chai in that respect) and has some spices in it – like maybe ginger?

I clearly should have spent more time in the kitchen so I’d have more facts to share with you.  Sorry!

Lunch was always posho and beans.  If you haven’t had posho, and I’m guessing 95% of you haven’t, it is like a paste made of cornflour that looks like mashed potatoes and doesn’t really taste like anything.

If we were at home, peanut butter and bread was also a lunch option you could make for yourself.  I enjoyed that option except for the week we tried to save money at the grocery store and bought a new brand of peanut butter.  A brand that consisted mostly of sand.  We went back to the usual brand the follow week – it was worth a money saving shot! 

Dinner rotated depending on the day of the week – but it usually involved some combination of the following: rice, beans, cabbage, matoke (mashed plantains), chappati, avocado, guacemole, g-nut sauce (purple and delicious), irish potatoes (regular potatoes), sweet potatoes, chicken, minced meat, and did I mention rice?

p.s. i apologize for these photos of half eaten plates of food.  take it up with jessica – not with me.  she took the pictures, i just stole them for my blog 😉


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