Water Day – no swimming costumes required

We had been planning to do a day of water play, coinciding with the story of Jonah, during the Go Now team’s last weekend in Uganda.

The girls filled up the water balloons, Jessica and I came up with some games to play, and the fun began!

We did some hilarious relay races that the kids were a little confused about at first, but as soon as they figured out how to play, they had so much fun.  They were also a bit confused why we were playing with water but not wearing our swimming costumes.  Our day ended with learning to play with water balloons and then little squirty fishies – with surprise buckets of water being thrown on the shrieking children.  The kids were all drenched, but full of laughter, and they all dried out quickly in the hot equator sun.

It was SUCH a fun day – one that I’m sure none of us will forget anytime soon.

the only way to get them to stand in a line with their relay team. genius.



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