The Hair Saloon

So, a couple of years ago I had a student from Kenya who would excitedly tell us she’d gone to the saloon and gotten her hair done.  I always thought this was hilarious and chalked it up to little kids mishearing things and the challenges of learning two languages.

But it turns out that the saloon is just what people in East Africa call the salon.  This little girl did not think she was going to the Wild West, she was just using the vocabulary that she grew up hearing. 

I was excited when our kids were going to the saloon to get their hair done also!  I didn’t get to go with, but Jessica did, and she shared with me some of the pictures of our kids getting their hair cut.

Most kids – boy or girl – keep their hair real short.  I love them and think they are beautiful.

But I will say that when we were with the toddlers at Sanyu it provided a real challenge in knowing which pronoun – he or she – to use… especially since there the kids wear any clothes that fit them – boy or girl; dress or pants; pink or blue.

Here are our cuties at the saloon.  And don’t worry, Carol is choosing to keep her long hair.  For your enjoyment, and mine, I am also including a picture of her hair when it is fro-ed out before it is restyled.   Then again, sometimes you don’t need to go all the way to the saloon for a good hair style. 


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