Sunday Celebration

I had my last Sunday at Watoto Church three weeks before actually arriving back in the United States – this is mostly because I was on safari and then flew out on a Sunday.  But it ended up being the perfect Sunday to end on.

Watoto North Sanctuary

The Sunday before I arrived in Uganda, the church took what they called, “My Miracle Missions Offering” and I heard it was an awesome service full of dancing, singing, and giving.  The offering was collected for missions – and their goal was 1 million US dollars.  I love so much that they are a church in Uganda – a place you think of as missionaries going TO, and they are supporting a church in Israel and a church plant in Burundi and in South Sudan. 

Each week there would be an update telling how much money was raised.

Then on my second to last Sunday, the pastor announced that the church met – and exceeded – their goal.

The pastor said to come next week, ready to celebrate and to bring your vuvuzelas. 

That final Sunday was a terrific worship service – at the end of the service, they had all the children come into the service.  We (and by “we” I don’t really mean myself) sang a song in Swahili and then we all joined hands and everyone prayed outloud at the same time for the churches that are being planted and for the church in Israel.  Then all the kids filled the stage and we all stretched out our hands toward them and prayed for this generation – that they will grow up well and that God will use them to impact his kingdom and that they will be a generation of godly leaders in Uganda.  I know that God is always with us, but it was one of those moments when you can really feel His presence.

SO cool. 


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