Africa, you have my heart

Well guys, we all knew it would happen, but I think I left my heart in Africa. 

Someone once told me you need to experience Africa with all of your senses.  So sometime when we sit down and chat about my summer, don’t be surprised if I don’t have the words to adequately describe this beautiful place to you.

After somewhat recovering from the jet lag that comes with travel, I have started working on posts about the rest of my time in Uganda.

Those will start going up tomorrow.

But for now, as I relax up at the cabin and enjoy spending time with my family, I just want to gaze at these little faces of the little ones who will forever be in my heart.  


2 thoughts on “Africa, you have my heart

  1. Laura, I don’t know what the right words to say are. It seems like you’ve been gone so long and yet I still feel like you’re home too soon (how that’s possible, I don’t know). You have shared your whole heart selflessly and the world is better for it.

    Enjoy the time with your family.

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