Playdoh Olympians

Today I am at the Olympics!  Or rather last night I was at the Olympics?  Or maybe I am right now?  I don’t know.  Timezones are confusing.

Anyways, since we knew that we’d be in London on a layover in the middle of the the Olympics, we decided to do some training in case we were asked to participate in any of the games.  We haven’t had a ton of news access, but we guessed there would be some new sporting events this year.  After some brainstorming, the most likely event we could think of was Playdoh Scramble.

The rules are fairly simple.  First, pile lots of people into a van.  Preferrably more people than there are seats.

Next, put an African drum and a bucket of playdoh containers in the boot of the van.  Make sure that your door does not work properly.

Set out on the road.  Act natural, as if you suspect nothing.

Suddenly, you will hit a pothole (this is not unexpected.  you are in Africa)

After a moment you will realize that the noise you heard was the boot opening and all of your playdoh and you drum falling out into the street.

At this point, you will jump out of the van, and to the perfect accompaniment of fast African music from a shop’s radio, your team will compete to see how fast you can run around the dirt road, looking like crazy mzungus, picking up the play-doh containers.  Obstacles include small children that have come out to see the mzungus, and boda bodas that you will need to avoid getting hit by.

May the odds be ever in your favor.


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