Mzungu Byeee.

Whenever we go anywhere, the children all shout, “Mzungu byeee” and really stretch out the “eeee” part.

Today this mzungu is saying goodbye to Africa.  And is not to happy about it.

on rare occasions in life, wearing a crown isn’t enough to cheer you up…

How did two months go SO fast?   Why are Uganda and Minnesota so far apart and plane tickets so expensive?

I mean, I’ll be so happy to see my family and friends.

And I’m excited to hang out in London on my layover mid-Olympics.  I am guessing they will ask me to compete in at least one even while I am there.  I wonder what it will be!?

But today my heart is just really really sad to say goodbye to my African family – these kids I love more than I can describe and the Rafiki staff that so graciously took me in and made me feel welcomed and loved.

Africa, you are in my heart.

(and p.s. I have a lot more posts to come about my time in Uganda, but I wanted to let you know that I’m heading home)

And because this post is sad, let’s end with a hilarious picture.  Check out all of their expressions.  “The rain is coming” and they are ticked that I am not letting them run for cover…


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