Funny Boda Rides with Allie

cattle traffic jam!

I don’t know why, but Allie and I have the funniest experiences on boda bodas.

Or maybe they aren’t actually funny, but we just laugh a lot.  There is no way to know.

The first time we rode a boda boda together, we were heading for a day of ministry at Kireka School for Children with Special Needs.

On our first ride together we loved that we got caught in a traffic jam of longhorn cattle.  On our second ride we almost got attacked by a flying banana.  Thankfully it hit the ground just short of our driver.  Our driver had to weave his way through the cows.  Our boda driver went way slow at first.  Saidel’s boda was long gone.  We would occasionally catch glimpses of his  turquoise shirt in the distance as we turned corners.  I don’t even know what else happened.  But it was so great that on the way home we kept our cameras out so we could capture the magic.  The ride home was like a celebrity tour.  All the kids were waving and shouting “mzungu” and Saidel had his camera out to try and take pictures of us while we were riding home.  Our driver saw what we were doing, and we kept passing Saidel’s boda and his driver kept passing us so that we could take pictures of one another.   And of course it ended going up a hill near our house that we weren’t sure the boda was going to make it to the top.  “Come on little boda boda, you can do it!”

I feel like this post will only be enjoyed by me and Allie.  Because I’m sleepy and I can’t remember actual events to share with you.  But I’m okay with that.

On the road with Matumba. We joked about this pose while leaving. And laughed really hard when we saw the picture.



3 thoughts on “Funny Boda Rides with Allie

  1. yes, it’s entirely possible that I am the only person who is crying laughing at this post. I really wish boda bodas were an acceptable form of travel through the US. New career choice? I may change my name to Matumba.

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