Ice Cream in Africa

We were feeling sad that the Go Now team was leaving so soon.  And as everyone knows: when one is feeling sad, one should eat ice cream!  We decided that it would be fun to walk down to the little restaurant next to our favorite walking destination: Quality Supermarket.  Yes mom, I went out after dark.  As we like to say in Uganda: SORRY!  (I really wish this was an audio recording.  The inflection used is funny and sounds so insincere, even when it is very sincere).

I think it might have been called Marie’s Cafe?  Or I could be totally making that up.  There is no way to know.  Unless I walk down there in the next two days, in which case I will check.  If I remember.

They graciously welcomed us to their restaurant and pushed together tables for our large group.  90% of the group had decided on the brownie sundae, so we were quite sad to learn that they were out of brownies.  After much deliberation and asking questions such as, “So how big are your scoops of ice cream?” We all made our selections and placed our orders.

As we sat chatting, suddenly someone noticed a restaurant employee walking through the building foyer with a grocery bag from Quality Supermarket.  Yep.  Full of ice cream.

So basically we could have had ice cream from the carton at home for pretty cheap.

Instead we paid the restaurant to go next door and do our grocery shopping for us and put our ice cream in fancy dishes.


I love Africa.

worth it? yes.


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