Africa Days

We live in the city – not downtown mind you – but we aren’t exactly rural Africa.  We have a gate around our home, running water, electricity, and even a microwave.  I’d love to see northern Uganda, because I’ve heard that it is much more the Africa you think of with green grass, simple hut homes, and even richer culture than we have experienced.

However, this doesn’t mean that we don’t ever see or experience what you might think of as “real” Africa.  Many areas around us don’t have running water.  Some don’t have electricity.  When we are driving around, we often see people getting water where they can find it and carrying it back to their homes or sitting near the water doing laundry my hand.  Longhorn cattle hang out in the middle or round-a-bouts, and people all around us speak Luganda.  We often lose electricity – we never know when it will go out or how long we will be without.  We lead devotions by the light of kerosene lantens at times.  Roosters and goats wake us up in the morning.

The other day we had what we called a “true Africa” evening, where we no longer had running water AND the electricity was out.  TO bath the kids and wash the dinner dishes, we (and by we I mean Godfrey) had to haul water into the house in a jerry can and pour it into a basin in the bath tub for the kids and into the sink for the dishes.  Fortunately we have giant barrels that collect rain water, so when we lose running water we still have an easily accessible water source.  Fortunately we didn’t need running water or electricity to make butter toast on the stove (our favorite evening treat) and we took advantage of the power outage by laying out in front of the house to take in the magnitude of the stars in the sky.  It was breathtaking, and made me so excited to see the stars when we are on safari.  I can only imagine how amazing it will be.

Africa is full of randomly awesome murals and sayings


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