here we go safari-ing

Today Rachel and I leave on Safari.  While I am very excited to go on a safari, I also have had quite a few interactions with African wildlife already.

  • There is the cattle that competes with our boda bodas on the road, and the little goats that “maa” their hello to us when we walk to the supermarket.

    we can only assume the cattle herder is doing the herding from the comfort of his car.

  • Cockroaches often scurry around our front yard.  But remember – they are our friend.  Or at least they are Auntie Jessica’s friend.  I want no part in that friendship.
  • We have a mouse in our dining room.
  • Moses advised Jen one day not to wear a skirt at night when we were walking to get ice cream, because a monkey or a chicken would go under it.  She did not heed his advice and I am happy to report there were no major incidences.
  • I have seen two monkeys.
  • I have nearly been attacked by one turkey.
  • I have greeted several pigs.

  • One day a fly flew down my shirt.  The flies here are so slow that it took forever to find its way out.  In fact, I thought it was already out when I realized it was still down there.  Even with my guidance it struggled to find freedom.
  • That same night, Allie saw a pretty good sized tan lizard had found its way into our room.  We left the door open when we had to get back downstairs in hopes that it would find the exit and leave.  The only tricky part of this plan is when we got back upstairs we had no way of knowling whether the lizard was still in there.  We were pretty convinced that he was just lying in wait somewhere to jump out and scare us.  We tried asking him about his location: “Where are you Mr. Lizard?  Are you in my dresser drawer?  Did you crawl into Allie’s backpack?  Are you hanging out with my dirty laundry?  Are you perusing my craft market wares?  No, seriously, where are you?”  When he gave no reply we began kicking our furniture and bags.  When he didn’t come running out, we decided that he had clearly vacated the premises and it was safe to go to bed.  We hoped.

Time will tell if on safari we experience the same type of wildlife or perhaps I will see something new.  There is no way to know what will happen.