Oscar’s Joke

The other night Joshua headed to bed a little later than the other boys, and soon after going down to his room, he came back shouting for Mama Esther, as he was quite upset about something.


best. smile. ever.


he doesn’t look like trouble, does he??? 🙂

Here is what happened.

Oscar decided it would be funny (and let’s be honest – it was hilarious) to climb up into Joshua’s top bunk and wait for him there.  Then, when Joshua climbed up into his bed, Oscar scared him!

I love this for many reasons.

  1.  After we found out what Joshua was tattling about, we sat in the living room and laughed and laughed and laughed.
  2. This same joke was played by the summer missionaries a month ago and had the same terrified/hilarious results
  3. Oscar is only 5 or 6 and he though of this on his own.  He is so bright and it shows through his incredible sense of humo.
  4. The next day we said, “Oscar, you are so funny.”  He replied, “Yes, I am funny.  Thank you.”

one of many in a photographic series I like to call, “Oscar gets really close to Laura’s camera and makes funny face”

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