My Mini-Me

Every now and then, neighbor boy Joshua joins us for our Bible lessons.  While we are careful to make sure that he is being a good influence on our kids, one day he totally wow-ed us.

I was about to read a book to the kids, and he asked if he could read it.  I was surprised, but passed the book over.

Afterwards, Biance said that he had clearly been paying attention when I’ve been reading to the kids because he was like a pro.  He read with expression and fluence, was careful to make sure all the kids saw the pictures, and even asked a comprehension kids at the end.  Who is this kid??  AND he kept the kids quiet and listening the whole time – even stopping once to put the book down and give an exasperated teacher look of, “I won’t continue reading until you show me you are ready.”  It was pretty much amaing.  But it was also a little unnerving to be so perfectly imitated… 😉

He then led the kids in the longest version of the song, “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands.”  It was pretty cute.

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