Roommate Exchange Day

This morning we are heading to the airport so that I can exchange roommates.  Allie, my roommate for the last two weeks is heading home to Chicago, and my sister is arriving to see the ministry I’ve been a part of this summer and to go on a safari with me!  So exciting!  (the exciting refers to the Rachel section of this paragraph, not the Allie leaving part).

I’m writing this ahead of time, but I’m fairly decent at predicting the details of events, so I’ll just go ahead of and tell you about me and Rachel’s reunion.

The weather changes quickly in Uganda during fake rainy season, so even though Rachel’s flight came in at 7:45 am, we’d already experienced sun, rain, wind, and a brief blizzard.  When she finally stepped off the plane though, it was sunny and 85 degrees Fahrenheit.  A perfect day in Kampala.

I wore my African headdress, and will all the freckles I’ve gotten while here, I pretty much look like a local.  I’m not surprised that Rachel didn’t recognize me when she came through the arrivals door.  Thankfully I’d written this blog post ahead of time, so I knew that she wouldn’t recognize me.  I planned ahead and printed off a sign with her name on it so that she would know which group was waiting for her.

You’d never think that Rachel had spent the last 24 hours traveling.  She looked like a model.  Her hair was in perfect waves and she was wearing an elegant evening gown.  I wasn’t sure if I should tell her that in uganda, everything turns the color of red dirt, and she might not want that look fo her silver sequin high heels and turquoise mermaid dress.  But then again, maybe she DID want that look.  In the end I decided that as a local (and her summer tour guide), I should fill her in on these sorts of things.

She sure wowed us with her response.  Without even saying a word, she unzipped a small zipper, spun around twice, and suddenly her evening gown had magically transformed into khaki pants and a green safari shirt.  The smal monkey perched on her shoulded really completed the look.  I guess she was more prepared than I gave her credit for. 

After a tearful hug and jumping for joy 17 times, we loaded her luggage into the van.  She sure overpacked for 10 days in Africa – I mean, goodness … does a girl really need 44 suitcases??  (Oh, this is my fault because I kept giving my mom a list of things to get for the orphanage?  Sorry for blaming you unnecessarily, Rachel!)

Once we got in the car, Rachel surprised me be pulling out a peanut butter cup blizzard from Dairy Queen.  I don’t know how she managed to get it from Minnesota to London and then to Africa without it melting, but it sure was a delicious surprise!

The End.


One thought on “Roommate Exchange Day

  1. Good to read about your reunion… We were concerned that Rachel would eat your blizzard during her 11 hour lay over in London….
    You are so ridiculous! But entertaining…

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