Goodbye Go Now

Once again, we will take a break from the regularly scheduled chronological posts to tell you about the current happenings here in Uganda.

Five of the summer missionaries that are here came through an organization called Go Now, which sends Texas college students on mission trips.  And today, the Go Now team is heading home.

It will be a quiet house here without Taylor, Biance, Jen, Richie, and Saidel. (Ok, there are still 12 kids running around, so maybe it won’t actually be that quiet).  But it is still going to be quite an adjustment.

Thanks team for serving Jesus this summer at Rafiki.  I think it is really cool that you were willing to give up your summers to go wherever the Lord decided to send you, and I’m glad that you ended up here in Uganda.  Thanks for using your gifts and talents to bless these kids and this ministry.

I pray that the work that you did here and the work that God began in you while you were here – that God will continue to see both through to completion.

Please join me in praying for this team.

  • Pray for their travels home – for safety and that logistically things go well
  • Pray for one member as she is heading to North Africa to visit her parents
  • Pray for the kids as they are sad to say goodbye to some pretty awesome aunties and uncles

Taylor, Saidel, Jessica, me, Jen, Allie, Bianca, and Richie

p.s.  after saying goodbye to the team and after watching them say goodbye to the kids, I decided that it will be too hard to say goodbye.  I can just stay here, right??

One thought on “Goodbye Go Now

  1. Nope, you have to come home. Because I’m bored on this layover and don’t want to do the much much longer ones coming home by myself. 🙂

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