Ggaba Special Needs School

We spent the morning at Ggabe Special Needs School.  It was a smidge tricky to find.  Our journey involved turning around three times, consulting two boda boda drivers, and eventually the school’s director had to come find us and we followed him there.  It isn’t our fault though – we were given many wrong names for the school and there were no signs off the main road.

We arrived just before the kids’ porridge break, so we stood around for a big while they enjoyed their porridge.  The special needs school is actually just two classrooms of a big government school on the same land.  While we waited, a crowd gathered.  It was only a matter of time before Jessica began to entertain our audience with songs and games.  She is awesome. 

We also played games at PE with the kids from the special needs school, did some painting, read them a book, and taught them songs about Jesus.

obstacle course time

Then when we were done, we took Allie home with us!

the team with the kids – Allie, my temporary roommate is on the far right. We like her.

The kids were awesome and it was a fun morning with them.  I felt the saddest for one boy, Brian, who is probably 8 or 9 and he is deaf, but doesn’t seem to have any cognitive disabilities – just a lack of schooling.  I really want him to be able to go to a deaf school and learn to communicate!  We have a girl on our team who has been involved with the deaf community back home, but unfortunately African sign language is different from American sign language.  Pray for him that he gets the education he needs!