Bad Manners

Molly – this post goes out to you, as I know you think my kid lectures are hilarious.

 All kids have off days, even the best of kids.  The kids here are generally really well behaved, but last Friday they didn’t have school and they weren’t the best listeners. Changes in routine like that can be tough for kids.  We decided that even though Friday is supposed to be movie night, most of the kids hadn’t really earned it.  Sorry kids!

I sat them down and explained to them some of the poor choices that they had made that day and why not all of them would get to watch the movie.  I was pretty easy on them compared to some of the lectures I’ve given my kindergartners, but I think it got the point across when I called on four children to get their pillows and watch the movie and then sent the rest of the kids to bed.

The next day, Joshua kept talking about how Auntie Laura doesn’t let kids with bad manners watch movies.  So apparently now I am the keeper of the movies and the watcher of manners…

Just so you don’t think that is the norm of the kids – here are some pictures of the kids being cute and behaving well!

Joel’s “facial hair”

Annet, Brenda, and Fauziya showing off their new sunglasses

Cocus and is sweet shades



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