“We are not a tourist attraction”

This weekend when we did our Bible story rotations, we decided to do it on Jesus’ miracles.  Jessica taught them a Bible verse (she is amazing at thinking of catchy songs that they love to sing).  The girls inside did it on Jesus feeding the 5,000 and my group learned about Jesus walking on the water.  We did a craft to go with it.  One of my favorite parts was that two neighbor boys came also and did all the activities and lessons and Bible memory with our kids.  Although when Richie took a couple pictures of the group, they said, “no pictures – we are not a tourist attraction”.  Sorry kids – you are at our house.  And we take pictures at our house.

Another favorite part is that Emma put the fish that were supposed to be in the ocean, in Jesus’ hands as he walked on the water.

the disciples were so scared – they thought they saw a ghost out on the water!

“I want to give Jesus a kiss” (um, what?)


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