Making Pumcakes

So I think I’ve shared that on Saturdays, we’ve started making dinner.  Not only are we cooking for 25 people, something none of us do regularly at home, but we are cooking need to be creative as the ingredients and/or kitchen appliances and materials available might be different from what is at home. 

This Saturday we had made pancakes.  Pretty simple right?  We even got a box mix from the grocery store.  I mean, sure some of the directions were in Arabic, but it was in English too, so we thought it’d be super easy to pull together.

I think that each week when we cook, we manage to overlook some detail that we needed to plan ahead for.  This week the issue was the milk.  The milk here is in bags, which reminds me of my Grandma Karsjens’ kitchen in Iowa.  One bag is usually in the fridge, while the rest is kept frozen.  A small, yet oh-so-important, detail.  We had two giant mixing bowls with eggs and vegetable oil in them.  We just needed to add the milk and then the mix.  We then realized the error of our ways.  Most of the milk we needed had yet to be taken out of the freezer.  Whoops!

While we tried to think of a plan, Jessica held the milk bag over a pan that was heating up on a burner.  It was not the most effective thing we tried.  We heated water over the stove and then poured it into the sink where the milk bag could defrost from the hot water.

you might think this was an ineffective attempt because this picture makes it look like the water barely reaches the milk bag. which is only partially true.

We tried the defrost option in the microwave.  At risk of the bag melting, eventually we decided to just try normal microwaving, since nothing else was working as fast as we needed it to.  This worked really well until the power went out.  This happens fairly often, but this was one of the worst timed instances we could think of.  Until Jen came in and told us a circuit had just blown and the power wasn’t actually out.  PTL.

a sight that caused panic in our hearts until we learned we could switch the power back on…

The kids were super confused by our meal, and kept asking, “What is this?”  “Pancakes.”  “What is this?”  “Syrup.”  We also taught them to say, “Breakfast for dinner”.  We couldn’t decide if they actually liked it or not, but the next day they couldn’t stop talking about the Pumcakesthey’d eaten the day before and asking to have them again.  So I think it was a success.

we love pumcakes!


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