A New Roommate

Let’s take a break from our regularly scheduled posts reviewing the previous week, and have a live update from Laura’s happenings in Uganda. 

I’ve gotten a new roommate!  Her name is Allie, and she needed a new temporary home from the school she had been working at, so we adopted her into our team.  We love her and are glad that she could join us.  She is a Special Ed teacher at a school in Chicago.

The other girls said, “Laura, you have a roommate now!  What will you do?” and I told them that we would do normal roommate things like stay up late telling ghost stories, having pillow fights, and painting one another’s nails.  We of course did none of these things, but did talk for quite a while.  The girls were proud of me for staying up until 11 pm.  I think they were under the impression that I’ve been going to sleep at 9pm every night.  Which isn’t exactly the case, but my light has usually been off while I’ve been reading or catching up on my journaling by flashlight (or torchlight as we say here) because I can’t be bothered to get out from my mosquito-netted bed to turn off the overhead light when it is time to sleep.

Rachel – sorry that your bed has been filled by more than the lizard I told you about the other week.  Since we no longer have room for you here, I went ahead and set up a new business venture for you!

Rachel’s New Ugandan Business Venture! Ready for business.

A Beauty Shop!  I know this has been a secret dream for years.  So secret that you never mentioned it to me, but I listened to your heart, so I know.

Oh, and sorry that the painters misspelled your name.  Maybe this can be your new African name??

p.s.  Don’t worry – you still have a bed.  We still want you at Rafiki.