Last Saturday we took the kids swimming.  They got up in the morning just buzzing with excitement over the day’s activities.  They were dressed and ready to go, carrying their backpacks on their backs for hours before we left.  The girls kept pulling up their shirts to show off their swimming costumes.  They also kept trying to pull up or down our shirts to see our swimming costumes – which was a bit of a problem before we changed into our swimsuits.  It was such a hot morning while we waited to leave for the pool.  I was excited to jump into some cool water.

Take note of their happy swimming faces. They are so excited!

We arrived at the local pool and there was only one other family swimming.  It was awesome.   There were several pools of various depths, along with a huge playground area and other fun activities for families to partake in.  We showered and then got in the water.  Jessica and I started taking the kids one by one out of the shallow area where they were all splashing, joyfully screaming, and laughing, and took them out in the deeper water to practice swimming skills.  I never thought I’d make use of my (now expired) red cross water safety instructor certification in Africa.  It has been a couple of years since I’ve taught swimming lessons, but it is amazing how it all comes back to you so quickly.  I wish that I could teach the kids swimming lessons for real, but it was fun for a day to be back in the water.  I miss it!  (Not enough to go back to teaching swimming lessons in real life – sorry BCCC).

and now here are our sad, cold, rainy faces.

Just when we were having all sorts of fun, clouds began to cover the sky.  The heavens opened up and the rain came.  Now mind you, it is supposed to be dry season in Uganda right now, but it has rained every afternoon for the past week and a half.  We all went under the shelter of a hut near the pool.  The shivering kids changed out of their swimming costumes, and we all ate our peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  We waited so long for the rain to stop, but it just continued on.  We waited so long that soon the kids started needed to use the bathroom.  When you are a kid in Africa, apparently you just squat and go.  Pretty convenient!  We had a few mishaps – kids who forgot to take their pants off first, kids who didn’t move out of the hut before they went, etc. but it was kind of hilarious.  Once the rain subsided, we went to the playground where the kids had a blast climbing on ropes and riding the merry-go-round.  When it started to rain again, we decided the weather wouldn’t be clearing up for us, and we headed home.

merry-go-round fun

Despite the sun’s lack of cooperation for our day at the pool, it was such a great day – probably one of my favorites so far!  We came back to the house, showered, the kids napped, and we all put on our sweats to try and warm up from the day’s adventures.


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