Our life in Uganda at Rafiki Africa Ministries is busy, yet relaxing.  Ugandans do life slower.  This change in pace made the first week stretch on forever.  But now that I’ve adjusted, time is going quickly – perhaps too quickly.  Eek!

 There have been some gross moments– like when Brenda threw up on my foot during story time or when she put a grasshopper down Jessica’s shirt.

unrelated to this post: some cute kids at Little Rina!

There have been some tough moments– when the children won’t listen, or when you need to discipline a child and they just totally shut down and won’t talk with you about what happened.


There have been some hilarious moments – like when the kids found a HUGE cockroach in the yard and Jessica told them that cockroaches are our friend, had them pray saying, “Thank you God for cockroaches,” and then made them all pretended to have two antennae and creep around like cockroaches.  Since then, whenever they see a cockroach, they shout and come running, “Auntie Jessica!  You see!  It is your friend!!!”  Ick.

the fruit here is so good!

There have also been so many heartwarming moments. Like when I was typing up my blog posts last week and Oscar walked by the office, then came in and said, “Auntie Laura, I love you so much!” and then left and went on his way.  Or whenever we make dinner, the kids, as a cultural sign of respect, come and kneel in front of us and thank us for cooking for them.  When we watched Tangled and it was the end and Eugene cuts Rapunzel’s hair, Don gasped and covered his eyes.  Carol loves to spontaneously climb into your lap and kiss your cheek.  And one morning Don found a flower bud out in the yard somewhere.  He poked it through his shirt, and then took Annet’s hands and began to slow dance with her while they both sang the wedding march.

Don and Annet dancing

Last weekend after swimming, we were driving back to the orphanage, and I had a child fall asleep in my lap.  As I held her and we drove, I realize I have totally fallen in love with these kids.  They are all so great, and I’m so glad that God brought them into my life.  I hope that this summer I can show them little glimpses of the love that God has for them by the way that I play, teach, clean, and love them.  I don’t want to take any moment for granted, but soak in each one and treasure it in my heart.


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