Happy Birthday, America! Sincerely, Uganda

Happy Independence Day friends!  I hope that you are ALL (even you, Rachel) seeing fireworks tonight, and eating food from the grill and wearing red, white, and blue (especially YOU, Amber.  I’m going to be really disappointed if you aren’t decked out in your patriotic vest).

We have been doing some fun “American” things with the kids while we are here, including making a meal each Saturday.  It is nice that it gives us a little respite from rice and beans (which are really good actually – but variety is nice in life) and it is awesome to give Monica and Lois a little break from cooking.  So far we have made pizza and spaghetti.  We also have plans for a camp out with s’mores. They are actually building the fire as I write this.  Today we had to walk to the supermarket and buy more biscuits fo the s’mores since we ate too many of them.  Oops!  On the way there we saw the cutest little baby goat.  Tiffany – I’ll bring it home for the petting zoo.  We also had some men drive by and shout out the window, “I love you!”  It had just rained though, so our biggest accomplishment as we walked through the wet muddy red roads was not slipping and falling.  It was a close call a couple of times as we slid our feet through the muck.

We are disappointed that no one brought fireworks in their suitcase so that we could have a celebration together as a team… (jk jk, we realize that would be a really bad idea).

Friend Rachel, please sing I’m Proud to be an American extra loud for me today!

And for your enjoyment… here are some random pictures!

Paper chains are the best! (the other kids were super ticked that we made it while they were at school.)

we love auntie jessica!

How much do you love Don’s dentures?

Storytime with Auntie Laura now a regularly scheduled part of our day (and yes, i realize this is Auntie Bianca, not me… but you get the idea 🙂