Alberta Clippers Recruitment

Tim, if you are going to bring back the Alberta Clippers, I’ve been doing some scouting for future players for your team.  Not surprisingly, everyone here loves playing football!  (Grandma, that means soccer).  We spent a lot of time at home kicking around a soccer ball, and this past week we played football for Phy Ed at New Creation Children’s Home and School.  And by “we” played, I mean that Richie played with the kids while I tried to stay out of the way – no need to bring down the talent levels on the field! 

New Creation is a Children’s Home about 15 minutes away from Rafiki Africa Ministries.  The kids who live there are mostly between the ages of 6 and 13.  The kids have school right at the home and they are currently short on teachers.  We have been sending two people each day to teach the P4 class (third grade).  There are 9 students.  We teach English, Math, Science, and Christian Education.  The Ugandan staff teaches Social Studies, since we don’t really know about the districts of Kampala or the history of Uganda.

It was a fun day teaching the students there.  They were giggly and chatty, but really nice kids.  I practiced multiplication tables with them, and taught about weather and water.  There is a curriculum, kind of, but since they mostly just copy things off the board, I tried to think of other ways to present the curriculum on the fly.  It went really well.  It is a good thing I teach a unit about weather and about water back in the States… (or 10 year olds cover different types of information that five year olds.  Hmm..)

Unfortunately for us (since we like going to New Creation) they just had a team of volunteers arrive, so for the time being we won’t be serving there each week.  It is good for them though, that they have the staffing they need at least for the time being.