The Team

I realized I haven’t introduced you to our summer missions team!  Let’s change that.

Our team consists of five girls and two guys.  I girls are Jessica, Taylor, Bianca, Jen, and me.  The guys are Saidel and Richie.

I don’t actually have a team picture to show you… oops!

Everyone but me is a college student from Texas.  So it is like I am their grandma…  or their big sister.  They are all awesome.  I am so encouraged by the qualities I see in them.  They have impressive leadership skills.  They take the initiative, work hard, know Scripture well and lead devotionals that make a difference in our lives and in our ministry.  They confront issues when they arise and find solutions.

I can plainly see the love they have for the Lord and that love overflows into the way they live their lives.

Everyone is so friendly and so genuine.  I felt welcomed and included from the first moment I met them as they greeted me with hugs at the airport.  Even though they had a couple week head start in getting to know one another, they are good about making sure that everyone is included.

They have servant hearts.  They work hard and don’t complain.

Prayer is their first line of defense.  I love that and am challenged by that.  Is prayer the first thing I turn to in any situation?

And they are great with the kids.  Seriously – these kids are so blessed by the aunties and uncles that God brought them this summer.

walking the kids home from school

And they are fun.  Did I mention that?  We laugh a lot.  It is a great team to be a part of.

They encourage me to seek God more and love people more just by the way they live their lives.  God is using them in big ways this summer and I can only imagine the mighty ways He will work through them in the future.


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