Nsambya Babies Home

We took a break from our regularly scheduled day to go serve at Nsambya Babies Home.  It is an orphanage for babies up to six year old children.  The children are brought to Nsambya by the police when they are found abandoned, neglected, or abused.  If the child’s family is able to take care of them, they are returned to their family.  If not, many children are placed for adoption, either locally or internationally.  Those who aren’t adopted go to a different children’s home/school from ages 7-14 and then attend boarding school for secondary school.

While we were at Nsambya, the guys cut firewood, and us girls mopped.  Mopping is a three person job.  One person pours soapy water on the floor and has a mop with a brush on the end to scrub the floor.  My job was to squeegee the water along the hallway, and a third person followed with a traditional looking mop to dry the floor.  We also handed out porridge to the kids in class.  There were at least 60 children in each classroom and the rooms were probably ¼ the size of my classroom in Minnesota.  We then sat around a giant basin of water and washed hundreds of porridge cups. 

I am learning that so many ministries and charities here do not have adequate staffing.  Rather, they rely on outside volunteers coming in to help for periods of time.  The group was at a different baby home before I came, and that one had so few volunteers that the babies’ “diapers” could only be changed at certain times a day.  It sounds awful and heartbreaking.  And yet, it is the best care the skeleton staff could provide.  This babies home was staffed by many people – including some nuns.  Our favorite nun was the one with the sparkly silver belt.  If the next Sister Act movie was filmed in Uganda, we are hoping she could star in it 🙂

unrelated… here is a picture of the kids planting a little “garden”


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